Oh ho ho ho, welcome to the naughty area!

First off, here are some places to read some X-rated doujinshi:
nhentai: This website still gives me some pop-ups even when I have ad-blocking and pop-up blocking just as a heads up.

Now here are some I like specfically! Note I do not speak Japanese, so a lot of the comics are lost on me. You really miss out on a lot when you can't read any of the words, haha~

Crow milking!
Crow milks a male cow. This definitely isn't suited for everyone's tastes, but I sure do like it a lot. There's watersports at the end.

As long as Crow is having fun, that's what's most important....

There's a lot I'm not super into in regaurds to this. I like to imagine these two interacting sexually differently. Ailane should be dominate, don't you think? How great it would be to see a commanding little girl taking the guy! But it's still nice art. Lots of pretty pictures of Ailane. It's a story for a ship I like a lot. There just isn't much material for these two. And there's some tender moments! It's got Ailane, so of course this is very loli.

What are we gonna do on the bed... Pomf